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  1. Bro D

    Hit 10 Subscribers, But I'm Not Satisfied

    I have just recently started creating content on Youtube about 2 weeks ago. Recently hit 10 subscribers, but I seem to be having an issue getting any more. Obviously I know I am not going to be an overnight success. But I would like to think atleast gaining 1 or 2 subscribers in 4 or 5 days was...
  2. KeezForThree

    What to do to gain . .

    I recently hit 100 subs and am still excited about it . . however I seem to have a hit a wall in gaining . Does anyone know an effective way to reach more people . Without going on hundreds of videos saying the same thing "hey nice video , check mine out maybe subscribe thanks" (i get those...
  3. Lets Torque Cars

    Q&A! R35 GTR / A45 AMG / E92 335 / FN2 TYPE R .. CLICK AND VOTE ON THE POLL!!!

    soooooooo iv had my channel 7 months now 310 subscribers later and plenty of questions asked so today im here to answer those questions! if you have any other questions or ideas of videos with any of the cars you would like to see comment below the video and take care guys safe driving!
  4. Jonatan Moser


    So yeah, basically this is probably one of the most asked questions in all of the history of YouTube... But how do I get more likes and subscribers (without it costing insane amounts of money)? First off: I am a music channel, primarily with cover songs made in a variety of different styles...
  5. Ayden TravelsandToys

    Do you get SUBS by SUBBING to others?

    Is it customary for YouTubers to sub to others to get subs back in the initial phase of devolopment and growth?
  6. Eric Bieller

    We just hit 1000 subscribers! Here's what we've learned.

    We started our YouTube channel around 8 months ago and I'm happy to say we've just reached 1000 subscribers! We know that in the grand scheme of YouTube, this is peanuts, but to a lot of us just starting out, 1000 is that first huge milestone we're all working towards. So I wanted to share what...
  7. MistyEmma

    Very Slow Progress On YouTube.

    Hey guys, I've been doing YouTube for about 9 months now, and I have 143 subscribers. However, I'm only getting 30/40 views per video. Other teens in my area have started channels and already have 5k subscribers and loads of views, yet they stated later than me, and it's getting me down. So far...
  8. DuoThief

    Request [FREE] YouTube Channel Art

    So me and my friend have started up this channel yesterday and we need to get the basic requirements so our channel can look more appealing and gain some viewers Reply below if you can possibly make one for us and something you can send us it with. e.g: Skype
  9. Review Wiz

    0-1000 Subscribers Requires Help From A Community?

    Do you think that community members do enough to help each other grow? I don't think so. Should community members sub to fellow smaller YT channels to help each pass the 1000 mark goal?
  10. Bre

    Beauty/Makeup Spring Group Collab

    Hey I've seen a lot of group collabs going around and they look like so much fun! With spring right around the corner I was thinking of getting together with 4 other girls possibly and doing a collab! I'm open to any collab idea's!!! Check out my channel below I currently have 227 subscribers...
  11. Pierre Maynard


    Hello everyone so this is my first ever, gaming video I have ever made. So if you like Fifa videos then why not take a look at mine and tell me, What you thought was good about it and what was bad about it. I hope you enjoy this video if you do, give it a like, Comment about it, and share it...
  12. Halfrican

    The Subscriber Secret!

    Hey there! Its The Halfrican and today I want to discuss the Secret to getting more Subscribers! Although I am a new YouTuber I have gained 40 Subscribers in just 7 days! The Secret to more Subscribers is actually fairly simple! You must first understand what a potential Subscriber is looking...