I don't want to sound negative, but maybe you should look at what you are doing and reassess whether it's on the money.

I have always had a competition with myself to be super critical of every video I produce and try to do better. Near enough is never good enough.

That and providing videos on subjects that people "want" to watch are the keys to success. Improvement breeds good fortune.

Do that and you will grow.

Cheers Rob
Yes. Oh my... yes.

I think maybe every Youtuber at some point feels that way. I have been doing this for over 12 years (only seriously for 4) and have yet to hit 1000 subs.

Giving yourself challenges, mixing things up and finding the value in non compiling things (subs, views, etc) is how I broke out of it. When I really got serious I graduated from Movie Maker (LOL I know) to Premiere. Took a bit but I learned it. Then I challenged myself more to move on from Video game footage to live footage. Then I... etc... when I started accomplishing those things, things that made me a better person (so to speak) the idea of only getting 3 subs for one month...? * shoulder shrug * not as important.

I guess what I am saying is try to set goals or strive for things that are not related to subs, views, etc. I tend to find some of the best Youtubers accidently got popular because... they were genuine...

Just some food for thought.

Hi, thanks for answering, really meant a lot to see that someone else has gone through it as well. I do it as a hobby so Im not really worried that no one sees or anything but it doesat times really bother me and makes me doubt myself because I think.. why doesn't anyone want to watch my content? am I not good enough?

Thanks for taking the time to respond :) !! It means a lot !!