I definitely think that this is a thing, since I started advertising in like 3 other places after my videos go up there has been less overall people coming to the videos and interacting with them. I like doing it for older videos but as far as new ones go I would suggest waiting at least a couple days.
This thread is getting really interesting.
We are touching to the very basics of YT algorithm.
I am myself experimenting with it: so far I always pushed my videos big time in social medias after release. But now I am trying to delay the promotion and see what happens
Here's an interesting thing I've discovered with Video Discovery ads.

If I run very low volume ads, $10 a day on Video Discovery, and only run them for 3-4 days, my engagement stays very high - 80% or so of my video length.

I watch this every day and when it drops to 50% I kill the ad.

I've only started doing this in the last month so my data is only for 6 videos, but it seems to work very well.

I'm adding subscribers, slow and steady, and my public viewing hours are climbing steadily.
What opinions do you have now on using Instagram and Facebook for ad campaigns? I want to launch a few campaigns for my e-commerce shop.

I run a clothing shop, and in my experience, both Instagram and Facebook have been essential for ad campaigns. A majority of my customers actually come from these social media channels. Instagram, with its visual appeal, really lets my products shine, while Facebook's extensive user base gives me a broader reach.

However, the trick lies in understanding the market and what ads resonate with your audience. For that, I've been using the adspy library. It lets me see what ad campaigns my competitors are running. By taking a peek into their strategies, I get a sense of what works best and incorporate those elements into my own campaigns.
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