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  1. S

    Stop promoting on facebook and instagram because it leads to lower audience retention?

    Hello lovely people, I've been lurking around on this website for a few weeks now and have come to the point that I would like to ask you all a question. I started my channel about a month ago. The first 3 video's I just send to my relatives and that was that. But I felt like, why not post a...
  2. Paranoia_Origins

    FULL YouTube Channel Feedback, How to Promote Better, Etc..

    Hey guys Kuji here of the "The House of Wolves Gaming"; and I'm here to seek serious help with growing my youtube channel. Due to the fact that I have 1,000+ subscribers and bearly any views on any of my videos shows that I'm a lot wrong here. List below what "I" think I'm doing wrong: List of...