beginner advice

  1. D

    Do what you love on YT or do what's popular?

    I have just started up a couple of weeks ago, and are not getting views which is kinda expected, but would love to get any opinions, on doing what you really enjoy doing, vs doing something what you feel you HAVE to do to get the views. I have just started doing some personal development stuff...
  2. C

    Beginner Essentials

    I would like to record videos focusing on political discussions. The videos will primarily feature me speaking, though I will occasionally split in video clips of news events, simple animations, etc. Can anyone point me to a good getting started tutorial or recommend some equipment? I already...
  3. B

    making videos using images from the internet with my voiceover

    Hello all ♥ I need your help to find out more details about creating a YouTube channel I am a beginner and I want to create a channel. I like to speak in the classical language, so I thought of creating a channel based on displaying successive pictures from the Internet while I make a voiceover...
  4. R

    Ads Doesn't Count As Watch Hours, What To Do ?

    So i have a kid channel marked as child channel, i have 2k subscribers, and i'm uploading 5 video at a day, all of them are my creations. I did some ads to promote my channel but my public watch hours only 182 hours because of ads won't count as public watch hours. How can i exceed 4000 hours...
  5. S

    Stop promoting on facebook and instagram because it leads to lower audience retention?

    Hello lovely people, I've been lurking around on this website for a few weeks now and have come to the point that I would like to ask you all a question. I started my channel about a month ago. The first 3 video's I just send to my relatives and that was that. But I felt like, why not post a...
  6. V

    Voice Changing Female to Male

    Heya, so I'm completely new to this whole thing, YouTube, this site etc. Except for a few years ago when I tried my first hand at uploading Let's Plays. It was a couple cringey episodes of Bioshock but I didn't upload anything else past those videos. The major reason why I stopped was my voice...
  7. V

    Making a Minecraft Channel, Wondering about Wither

    Hello, um this is my first post here. I don't know if this is the right place or anything but I'm completely 100% new to making content. I once tried uploading two Bioshock let's plays on an old Channel I now only use as a personal channel but never stuck to it for several reasons. My...
  8. DeadNeD

    Request Need a logo and banner (free)

    Was just wondering if there was anyone out there that could help me with making a logo and banner for my youtube page. I am brand new to making youtube videos. In fact I just uploaded my first video ever just a few hours ago. I dont really expect to get to many views, but I would still like to...