Gaming So You Think You're Funny Huh?

Hey guys, Red here. I am trying to create a youtube/gaming group where we just try to have fun and entertain people. The main focus of this is to have fun, make some funny moments, and entertain. I am hoping this can be a long lasting group that can make each other laugh. Some of the games we usually play are Counter Strike, Garry's Mod, GTA V, Golf With Your Friends, Shellshock Live, CoD: WaW Zombies, and Card Against Humanity (We can also get other games that we might find fun).

- Be 17+ years old
- Have a great sense of humor
- Be active on YouTube
- Have Discord
- Don't be toxic we're here to have fun
- Don't take the game too seriously, I too get really competitive but it's not fun if you're playing just to win. enjoy the game.
hey i think i might be interested, im 18 and australian, if u want, add me on discord Bstar#2712
Sorry for being bland, u can ask whatever in the dm's if ud like
Hey! Quick disclaimer im only 15 but im superrrr mature for my age and im hilarious as s**t so add me and discord an lets joke around lmao Hest_YT#3529
I play games to have fun I'm not sure what you can consider funny but I have a lot of dark humor in my life but most of the time I can make jokes with the context I'm given
Discord Nooice#2291 if you want to add me I'm 18 btw
Hello i have quite a few people to record with but always nice to know other youtubers so if you would like to collaborate or even just play some games let me know!
Discord: ThatGuyAce#6216

edit: my youtube is ThatGuyAce
Im only 13 turning 14 and I was really liked by my last group and it was a 16+ group and I would like to know if you would 1. be accepting me even if I am 13 and 2. even accepting still in general