Gaming So You Think You're Funny Huh?

Hey, Im 20, getting new into youtube with a strong PC. Been looking for a solid group to make fun and funny videos with. Feel free to hit me up on discord: Narxec#8308. Would love to join up and see if we got good chemistry for vids!
Hi, I'm interested. I'm 17 (18 in summer) and live in Norway (GMT+2). I would say I have a reasonable sense of humor and I'm looking to create a small gaming group.
I rarely get to competetive but when I do I often rage a bit (would provide some fun footage I think).
I see that we play alot of similar games too.
Hope to hear from you!

Discord: Freakygeak20#6247
I really like the looks of this. The games y'all play is pretty much what I play as well, and I meet the requirements you've set :D
Found your yt channel and I must say it looks like a fun time and I'd love to join you guys
HMU on Discord if you are still looking for peeps: Nexus#9501
(btw sorry for this awkward comment I'm new to this xD)