Hey guys, I'd like to know should I really buy a separate camera for my videos or should I continue to record from my iPhone 6 in 1080p 60fps? Please help me! If you wanna judge the quality and give a comment please do check out my latest video as it has been recorded from my phone under the above settings. Thanks a lot guys :)
It really depends on what content you tend to create and if you really need that quality for a small channel. I think my advice is to stick with your phone since you know how to use it. Maybe when you are growing you could go a video camera if you wanted to. But don't get one now as I think it would be a waste of money. Hope this helps!
I agree with MadJack. I have a buddy that wants to get away from the big camera and stick with the iPhone as it's portable and quick for run and gun too.

It really depends on your style. If you want to upgrade your iPhone to iPhone 7+ then I'd say go for that rather than a Camera. It's a massive upgrade over the 6 in terms of sound and picture quality. Once you scale, invest.
I think apart from low light, the iPhone can do a good enough job video wise. So, instead of getting a camera, I'd invest on better audio to pair with that image as that is the weak point on an iPhone. Unless you're like me and only have 1GB free on your phone which is too little to shoot with. :D

So maybe a Rode phone mic or an audio recorder and maybe some small tripod or a ShoulderPod to help with shooting instead of a new camera would be a good choice.
Depends.. You can get an sd adapter for your iPhone that'll help with space however you might wanna get a point and shoot camera might help with filtering bad lighting ect. I made a video comparing point and shoot to a DSLR camera on my channel if you wanna compare my point and shoot quality to the iPhone it just depends what you're going for really like if your videos are mainly portrait shot I wouldn't worry about it and stick to the iPhone but if you are to to do more complexed things I would move up to something like a $200-$300 dollar camera since if you think about it YouTube is also competitive in the sense of quality so if you have content with lower quality then someone else making the same content people might be more inclined to view the other persons content, all depends what you're looking to get out of the iPhone