1. Arc Flash

    Uploading in HD issue.

    Hello, brand new to the forums, and was hoping I could get some help, as I can't find any real information on this: So I uploaded my first video the other day in 1080p at 60 fps. It shows up perfectly in that resolution on PC, but when I use the Youtube app on mobile, the max resolution it...
  2. Teknickel 10

    Help with Adobe Premiere exports...

    Hey guys, So I have a quick issue with my adobe premiere '17 videos when I upload them. I export to 1080p 60fps and the resulting video file looks great. I then upload and can watch them fine on desktop but NOT on mobile. For some reason on mobile it only allows me to select 480p as the...
  3. StonedTech

    Should I buy a separate camera for recording?

    Hey guys, I'd like to know should I really buy a separate camera for my videos or should I continue to record from my iPhone 6 in 1080p 60fps? Please help me! If you wanna judge the quality and give a comment please do check out my latest video as it has been recorded from my phone under the...
  4. Lauramillanmu

    Help! Video lags on 1080p

    Hi everyone! I'm Laura and I'm fairly new with Youtube and with editing. Lately I've been having this problem with my videos in which, in Youtube, lines appear whenever there is movement in 1080p (if you want to see what I'm talking about, just watch the intro of my newest video, lines...
  5. Nicky Furmage

    Filmora Wandershare at 1080p 60fps?

    Hi guys I currently use wandershare for my videos but im looking at upgrading my camera to a canon g7x. If i shoot at 1080p 60fps will wandershare be ok for this? Thoughts please?
  6. C

    Gaming I need a recording buddy! :)

    Hey you yes you want to be my friend and record videos with me the rules are: 1.Must be 13+ or if it is a girl 18+ (just a joke no offence). 2.Must have a good microphone. 3.I have a PC so you need a pc. 4.Must be a normal person and if you are a pedofile please don't tuch me XD. 5.Have a good...
  7. AM2PM

    Affordable DSLR for HD Video

    I'd love to upgrade my camera. Any suggestions for a DSLR that is under 500 that does 1080p with autofocus? Thanks!
  8. kluless

    Will 4K Replace 1080p?

    I'm getting a dedicated camera for filming my comedy skits that I might also use for my gaming channel, and I'm deciding between a 1080p/60fps camera vs. a significantly more expensive 4K camera (a $200-$300 difference). Currently in most videos, gaming and live both, the quality standard for...
  9. M

    Camera for YouTube videos with 1080p+60fsp

    Hello, I am a complete beginner and want to buy a camera to shoot videos for YouTube. I'm not considering camcorders as I also want to use it to take pictures while on vacation. From what I've already read I can say that I would like to be able to get 1080p resolution and 60fps quality in the...
  10. K

    NEW COMPUTER!! - Minecraft Skywars

    Hope you enjoy 1080p 60 FPS, cuz now i can record them :D
  11. iPwnR

    New monitor to fix video blur? 1080p

    Hello everyone, I'm very sorry if this has been posted about before, but after 15 minutes of searching I couldn't really find the answers I was looking for. This may be a long post but I want all the details here so nobody needs to ask for any other information. I've spent the past year (A...
  12. Nick Nicolaou

    Can't get decent MP4 quality for Youtube

    Hello everyone I do apologize if this has come up before but I've spent the last few days trying find a solution to my problem but to no avail. I'm trying to set up a gaming channel on Youtube and for the past few days I've been recording gameplay footage using a variety of software: OBS...
  13. H

    Hey guys is this music too loud?

    This is my link xD It's just I feel like it might of been too distracting what do you think?