Request Short 5-8 second intro video! [FREE/PAY]


The Dovakhiin destroyer.
Hello there!

As you can tell, my intro video is at the moment is TERRIBLE. However, with the help of some of you great creators out there, I was wondering if anyone could help a geezer out and hook me up with a short 5-8 second intro video?

It doesn't have to be anything fancy, I kind of like the intro video to be similar to say 'ImmortalHD' intro or something along the lines of where my name 'Brandzor' appears with a background video. Or if you're able, maybe throwing in something gaming related (i.e pixels etc), this is where you can free style!

Ideally I'd like it for free, however I'm aware of time implications and what not so If all is good, I will happily pay as long it's not too much money (maybe between £5-15) if possible. Although I will feature you in my videos info section so FREE PUBLICITY BOOOOOOOIZ.

If you can help me out that would be amazing!
Hi! You might be interested! Visit this forum page for prices and more details:

Do not hesitate and contact me!