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  1. SmokeySpace

    Services Closed

    I am not making intros anymore, and idk how to delete threads so...
  2. Brandzor

    Request Short 5-8 second intro video! [FREE/PAY]

    Hello there! As you can tell, my intro video is at the moment is TERRIBLE. However, with the help of some of you great creators out there, I was wondering if anyone could help a geezer out and hook me up with a short 5-8 second intro video? It doesn't have to be anything fancy, I kind of like...
  3. W

    Request Intro

    I was wondering if there was anyone who could possibly make me a cool intro and maybe some banner art. I have a intro now but I've had it for a while and was looking to have different visuals. I want to clerify that I need this for free. Thank you guys, and have a nice day/night.
  4. javacentral

    I made a new intro today!

    So I made a new intro, inspired by my old one, and I think it is quite nifty. Tell me what ya think about it and if I should tweek it any.
  5. Benny Hardaway 24

    Request 3D, 4D Or GFX Intro NEEDED !!

    In need of one of the intros I listed above!!! Whatever u need from me I'll do for one.
  6. GeoTechRyan

    Help with Intro

    Hi, Wondering if any could help me redesign my intro video or create a new one. I have been trying to use blender but just cannot seem to get it looking professional. Any help would be grateful, GeoTechRyan
  7. FestusFX

    Services Free Professional 3D intro's

    I'm a 3D intro designer and I make some professional 3D intro's for free :) Later I'm also going to make 2D intro's for free ;p You can check the channel for examples if you like :)
  8. H

    Request (free) someone help me by making a CARTOON LOGO or an INTRO will give shoutout!!

    Hey there I am looking for some one who is willing to help me with my youtube channel. All i want is a cartoon avatar as a png file. I will give you a shoutout on my video plus have your channel link or any link below in my description so people can have a look at your channel.I will shout you...
  9. FestusFX

    How to make a Professional 3D intro

    Hey guys, I'm a profesisonal 3D intro designer and because the support is really awesome I though to make a kind of tutorial of how I actually make my intro's :) Is that a good idea ?
  10. FestusFX

    Omg 100+ Subscribers in 2 days

    Thank you guys, I love every subscriber :) I just made my channel 2 days ago and now 2 days later it reached 100+ Subscribers I'm really proud and it was really fast I think. But I also work really hard so I think it's ok Stay Awesome
  11. FestusFX

    Can I make 3D Intro's for others?

    Well, I make some really cool 3D intro's "For Free" I just want to help the community, That's why I make them for free :') So who also want a 3D intro ?
  12. FestusFX

    New "Epic" 3D Intro | Cool Sync & Effects

    Hey guys, I Make "Free"' 3D Intro's for Small/Big YouTube Channel :') Check me here : FestusFX <= It's my YouTube Channel
  13. DemonDoggie0811

    Request [YTtalk cash - $10] 3D racing intro

    On my channel I do a lot of racing games but I have a minecraft intro. All I want is a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento racing a mclaren P1, with my name and/or logo appearing as the cars go by. if it is too difficult I can compromise the car types and if needed the 3d affect(though that affects...
  14. DJfooddestroyer

    Request [Free/Paid] Intro

    Hey Guys I Am Looking For Someone To Either Make Me A Minecraft Or Any Type Of Intro Which Could Be Free Or Paid Depending On The Quality and The Time It Takes To Make Please Message/ Post Down Below If You Can Make Me One Or Add Me On Skype Which Is DJfooddestroyer
  15. TheRoyalApple

    Request Shoutout to anybody willing to create a Cinema 4D intro for me! {FREE}

    Hello! --- Thanks for clicking on this request and hope your having a good day or evening so far. I am in need of an Intro for my YouTube channel called TheRoyalApple As you can see I have a well made channel art and logo that I have created myself but I have no experience using cinema 4D or...
  16. Carlyle Dodd Animations

    Services Original Intro/Outro animations cheap

    I make original intro and outro animations for about $3-$5 (USD/per hour). I am not by any means a professional but, I can give your channel it's own personal flair. All the animations I make are completely original which means I don't just use a free template online and you will never need to...
  17. MattFPS

    Request Graphics/Logo/Intro/Outro (Basically Everything)

    Hey Guys!!! As I am starting YouTube I need a unique intro/outro/logo/banner etc and I am a awful graphics designing and need someone to do it for me!! If you are able to send me a sample/taster I would greatly appreciate it!! thanks to anyone that replies and especially to people who hopefully...
  18. Ans Marie

    Request Channel Trailer and Video Intro Needed

    At the moment I do not have a channel trailer or intro for my videos. I would love to have so help creating ideas and animations for these projects. If you want to check out what types of videos I make here is my channel To contact me my twitter, and instagram are...
  19. PenguinCalamity

    Request Need someone who's super good at channel art, redesigning channel!

    Trying to find someone who is amazing at channel art, intro to help me redesign my channel. If you can send pictures of your work also I don't mind paying you. :)
  20. iButtonsi

    WELCOME! The iButtonsi Channel Trailer!

    Hi Guys! I am Buttons! I recently took a little time off the forums to sink my head around what else I could be doing. So this past month I was working with a guy who records. We came up with a short 10 second song for my gaming channel. After that I put together some animations and other...
  21. CoolHandsLuke10

    Request Intro for my channel

    Hi guys! I am looking for someone to make me an intro for my channel (CoolHandsLuke10). I had a go to make my own but I found it quite tricky to understand. The intro must feature my name and I like the idea of having it red or orange, so kinda evil effect. For the music plz can it be some...
  22. Diplos /. lntzarts

    Services Experienced intro designer - PAID SERVICE, High Quality work

    FIRST AND FOREMOST: My works are published on my YouTube channel for you to view (red YT link down below, or, "ioannis L".) Pricing, payment and delivery terms Pricing is discussed in private since I do not set a fixed price for all intros, because there are many variations in requests that...