Gaming PS4:GTA V Gamers needed


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Hey guys I'm a small channel looking to grow. I want a gta group similar to vannos doing fun stuff.

Here are some requirements.

- Age must be 13 - 16 (I'm 13) (my profile says 27 I messed up I know)

- Must have gta v ps4 edition and a mic.

- You must have at least 10 subs. (I only have 7)

- Be energetic someone who does not speak in the group will be boring.

Details: We'll speak to each other through a playstation party. I use share play to record.

I'm usually down to record 3 times a week.

PSN: rizzythekid_77 (send friend request and say your from YouTube forum then we'll discuss our plans.)

Channel Name: rizzythekid77

BTW: I'm getting BO3 soon and I have some ps plus games, I also have destiny but I barely play.