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About my YouTube Channel (working on a nice banner so bear with me so here's my avatar made)


  • My niche - I make gaming videos with my ps4 since i dont have a proper gaming desktop to so.
  • The kind of videos i want to make when i'm collaboration is video games - I would like to make a lot of gaming videos as part of the collaboration and a lot more as we grow bigger, also to make high quality gaming gaming content.
  • I'm seeking other video gamers who enjoy video games, the types of people who can not only enjoy gaming content but can get into it - I want people who are heavily into games or people who are great at marketing gaming content creations or a group of people interested in making gaming collaborations.
  • Seeking Gaming Collaborations - Want to let my potential collaborator(s) to know the types of collaborations i want.
  • My Goals/Aims/Purpose - My Goal(s) is to grow my YouTube channel into something thats not the same as all the other channels but something new/different. - My aim is to get big enough to make a living off it. - The purpose behind my channel is that since i love wolves that maybe i can turn my channel into a gaming wolf pack community, which basically sounds bad a**.
  • My Location - Fort Worth, Texas, USA.
  • My Current Requirements - I wish to really work with people who have at least 100 subs but, better if i can find channels who have 250+ subs. Channels who will work with me and help not just my channel grow but help everyone involved grow bigger as well.
  • My Channel's Current Statistics -
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  • Meet Up Place/Venue - (Only if Possible)
  • Deadlines/Times and Dates - It really depends on the types of gaming collabs we're doing this will vary but it can be good for anyone interested to communicate with me so we can get those deadlines, edits, anything else we need to talk about before doing anything.
Thank you for your time!

EDIT: I forgot to add an email: