Program to generate real views


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Hi! I am youtuber and would like to know if you know of any program to generate real views? Since youtube does not help, let us help! Thank you
There are people on YouTube who will shout you out on their channel for money and it might give you a return in views and subs but like Crown is saying... They are not "real views." They aren't watching because they like you and most will watch sub because they are told to and then eventually they will unsub and leave for good. You should focus more on developing a great channel brand, creating awesome content and then marketing your video using social media, blogs and sites like reddit.
i agree with the 2 above! you should try and share your content around social media, ALL of us have to grind our butts off and work the hard/natural way, its only fair. Also i saw somebody actually get a shoutout and they gained around 7,000 subs and this person only had a couple hundred subs before that too, after many weeks, they began losing around 20-30 subs a day, the video views stayed in the hundreds, there were so many dead subs because of the shoutout and so many people didn't watch their videos, sometimes shoutouts help but sometimes they don't. If you can build yourself upto a couple of hundreds/thousand subs WITHOUT shortcuts, then that shows your hard work and dedication!
Shoutouts only really help if the person being shouted out has GOOD CONTENT that will make the new subscribers stay. If you don't all the subscribers that you earned will just unsubscribe and you will eventually go back to what you had.
You would also be missing out on one of the greatest reasons to be a small starting youtube creator which is finding out what you enjoying creating while transforming your channel instead of just immediately blowing up your channel.I just recently got a rival who created the same content as me and he was getting a lot of views(Not sure if he was buying them)but anyway the point is his channel suddenly died down out of nowhere cause views mean nothing if you dont enjoy doing it.