1. Y

    Program to generate real views

    Hi! I am youtuber and would like to know if you know of any program to generate real views? Since youtube does not help, let us help! Thank you
  2. Nutella

    If a YouTuber has over 4000 Subs and got over 6k views on a vid but only has 3 likes is he botting?

    I have seen this with a couple of "YouTubers", They'll have lets say 4k subs but when i go to their videos they'll have some with really high views like 6k but have literally no likes lol maybe like 1 and then on their other videos they'll have lets say 10 views with 1 like.Their video views...
  3. N

    Seems Legit....

    Not going to name names here (yet) but for the time being I will say it's a let's play channel and the video is a fan made rap video for this channel. Thoughts on these stats?
  4. Mattaxol

    Channel grew from 0 subs to 1k subs out of nowhere?

    Can someone please explain this? Someone who recently joined my High School (College in NZ) gave me his channel and his Skype, but he had like 7 videos and very very low views, and quite low quality, so I was suspicious how he just had 1,000 Subscribers. I check his SocialBlade and I find...
  5. P