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I Love YTtalk
Feb 23, 2016
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Hey, just watched your video =] First of all, the concept is cool! I've not watched any videos like that before. The thing I'd say is that the bits where it's just you talking and where you're not showing the video/you reacting in real time to it (so basically the intro and your reaction after the video) would be much better if you made it so that you were full screen and not just in the top right corner of the screen as it's a bit distracting and it would be good to see you full screen to engage with you and the video more.

Keep up the good work though - will definitely keep checking out your channel to see what you do next![DOUBLEPOST=1458376840,1458375456][/DOUBLEPOST]

Hey, just checked out a couple of your videos (your 'Welcome to Java Central' and 'How to Make Coffee Butter & Creamer Butter), firstly, WOW, you have bags of personality and confidence! Also, really like your little animation at the start of your videos! And the concept is cool and explained really well in your channel trailer.

Reckon it'd be cool if you had a bit of background music through your videos (actually, after writing this, just went and just checked your latest video to see if that has music and it does so this may be something you've started doing already!!) Was also going to mention that a change in camera angles and stuff would be good - but again, just checked out your latest video and it seems that you're doing that now too! By the look of it, you seem to be improving in every new video so basically, keep up the good work and you're going to have a really successful channel! Will definitely watch more of your videos in the future as you have a solid channel here and am a big fan of coffee! =]
Awesome sauce! I appreciate it man.
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