People make videos with fame songs and don't get striked and even get money?

On a computer go to > click your top right profile picture > click creator studio > go down the left column and click create > and then click two options down where it will say music policies

Here, you can enter a title of a song and view its policies. All popular songs are pretty much copyrighted, and using copyrighted songs means you wont have to option to make money off of the video. Most popular songs that you may choose use in videos will force you to show advertisements, and some songs will completely be removed from YouTube all together and may even get you in a little YouTube trouble. The "music policies" thing will help you find that out. NOTE: at ANY time any copyright holder can change their policy ! So lets pretend someone came out with a song and said "everyone can use this song for FREE anywhere they like" , then this person changes their mind the next day and says "now no one could use my song anywhere". In this case any video with this song would be removed !

After doing a quick check for "top songs of 2016" I did notice most of the YouTube users who put those videos out are TV networks or music labels who have gotten the permission from the artist

can people like us do this :
I would say probably not - I wouldn't try it. Any time you use copyrighted music your putting your channel at risk.

Some smaller channels that DO pull this off somehow got past YouTubes automatic "song check system" but as these people get thousands of views the system re-checks their videos and finds out that they have been using this material and the video gets taken down.
Now what I don't know is how some channels such as "Top Songs 2017" ( UCNBnqn62Ea7YQzVeW6ILwBA ) are somehow getting away with this !? As you an see this guy is clearly breaking the rules, I may be wrong but I don't think this dude is a music company and I wouldn't be surprised if he got his channel taken down or if he gets taken to court.

Thank you for that first paragraph. That was super helpful. I didn't know that was there.
Yup , BUT I will say this if I haven't already :

I STRONGLY suggest that you DO NOT use these songs


Because they are simply overused. If you are interested in seriously growing on YouTube you need to stand out these days and all the songs are used by sooooo many big and small youtubers so someone will either think your copying a big YouTube by using there song or see you as just another small channel - I suggest you buy licenses for music of a royalty free site. It's not free but I will defiantly make you stand out more.

There are also many channels on YouTube that have good royalty free music but they are very hard to find and some of them even use music from youtubes overused music library.

Use youtubes music if you want but that's kinda how I view it

I wasn't planning on using any of the music on youtube. If I want some intro music for my vids I will just throw something together. I was more concerned with what was ok to do as far as snippets / samples of songs. One of the few idea I have had is to showcase some of the songs that are on my playlists - kind of like the old top 40 countdown style but a little different.

This is where most of my concern lies. I don't want to go against any copyright but I want the vids to be as entertaining as possible.

And I see evidently I can't have even a little of the original song in the video. That little detail is making it extremely hard to make my first ones.