Gaming PC Gamers to Collab, Plus a few for a Podcast


Hello, my name is David and my Youtube channel is Grumpy PCer. I am looking to collab with others and also looking to start a Gaming / PC Podcast. The podcast: I'm looking for 2 or 3 other PC Youtubers 18+ years old, with 500+ subs and at least 100 videos. The reason for this is that I need people who will show up every week or every other week when they are needed. I am also hoping to get at least one female gamer so we'll have a woman's point of view on subjects. Not sure now things will be yet, I wait to find a team so we can work together. Now for normal collabs: I only ask you be 18+ years old because I do use a lot four letter words. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.
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My Skype is grumpypcer and Twitter is @GrumpyPCer[DOUBLEPOST=1485371143,1485371099][/DOUBLEPOST]
I'm down for a podcast, I succeed in all your requirements. What's your Discord/Skype etc.?
My Skype is grumpypcer and Twitter is @GrumpyPCer[DOUBLEPOST=1485371322][/DOUBLEPOST]
I have almost all requirements, I have almost 500 subs, sitting at 482, I'm 21, I like to swear and I have over 100 videos :)
My Skype is grumpypcer and Twitter is @GrumpyPCer[DOUBLEPOST=1485390620][/DOUBLEPOST]Hoping for more replies so don't be shy
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