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Hey all, read the rules, this seems to be fine, right?

I'm in need of an artist or graphic design to help me with my channel redesign. We're talking banners, icons, even stuff with my twitch/twitter/facebook.

Must be professional looking; I'm not going to pay for someone who's never done it before. I've got some ideas but I'd like someone who knows what looks good, because I clearly don't!

If you have done them in the past or have a portfolio, please show me. PM or search my username, I'm all over the place, so should be easy to get into contact with me.

Thanks very much!
Have you tried Fiverr? professional looking banners for just 5$ and there are lots of amazing creators:up2:
What exactly is on your mind? I know how to work well with photoshop :) and I can show you some of my work if interested via PM.
I have made a few free templates if your interested i can PM you the website, if they aren't what you want then tell me what your looking for and i'll create a new one
It won't let me PM but these are a few, you can fully customize them to fit your channel.


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Hey there - I'm a graphics designer with a few years of experience. I made a lot of banners, intros, etc for a lot of clients. If interested, you can reach out to me via email: and I can forward my portfolio to you. Peace and tc.