Newbie started recording. What video audio setup. (youtube)


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Jun 13, 2017
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Hello everyone. This is my first post and I am not sure if I have posted in the right place.

I have recently started to record for YouTube and I am using a normal camcorder with a cheap clip on microphone that I attach to my iPhone. The audio quality is not that loud or great. I think it may even be in mono.

What I want to know is how to use a decent set up. I use camtasia for my editing which is pretty basic but it does the job. I would like to have more decent captions though.
I need info on a decent microphone (budget £70) I need to know if the desk sitting is better or one that attaches to the camera.

I am using a small camcorder that films in HD and allows for a microphone attachment.

I also have a DSLR camera and was wondering how I could incorporate that into my shooting. (side views - additional views etc)

I understand that it will only record 10 minute increment so I don' understand how people use that for longer YouTube videos?

I also want a cheap green set up. Tripod and lighting. I can just purchase green cloth and I think it will be better than what is on offer on the cheap end of green screens.

Any advise would be helpful and I am sorry for the long post.
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Aug 8, 2016
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Look into the yeti microphones. They should be in your budget. If not one of the blue microphones. Theyre great quality but theyre sitting down microphones and you can not take these with you haha. If your content is mainly sitting down and talking then this would be the best for you. However if you're going to be moving alot then there are lots of options there but not sure what are the best!
TubeBuddy Easy to use and install.