My MotoVlog setup, special guest appearance by my creep-hound!

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Oct 1, 2016
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Hello fellow YouTubers!

I am a small-time MotoVlogger hailing out of Washington D.C. and have eight videos as of yesterday which have currently been published to my channel. I have a both a real love of riding, and being clown. It has been a hilarious, sometimes infuriating journey in learning how to improve my content and also prepare edits prior to publishing videos, but I think I am progressing rapidly. I am part of several motorcycle-centric social sites and communities, to include Moto-Amino,, and several Reddit subReddits. Additionally I am pretty active on Instagram and Facebook, and plan on branching into others such as Twitter in the near future.

So why am I doing this? For starters, I never really believed I could emulate any of my favorite Youtube MotoVloggers, but after some serious thought and a small investment in some quality equipment, that thought pattern has changed. O jabe received much praise from my small, niche group of followers who would like me to produce much more content....more than I am currently capable of producing due to work constraints.

That being said, I am really loving being a small Youtube content creator, and it am not concerned with the amount of subs my channel gets, or how many views my videos receive. I am having fun, and that is the most important thing to me.

In this video I discuss my current MotoVlog setup, to include some essential equipment which you might need to embark on your own MotoVlogging adventure. My dog decides to be a troll in several parts of my video as well. If you love motorcycles and that ride life, please check my other videos on my channel, like, comment, and subscribe. If you dont really have any desire to becoming involved in riding, thats fine too!

Thanks in advance.