1. R

    Vlog Midlands UK vlogger, 3k subs, looking for collabs! (Motorbikes, Cars, fun stuff!)

    Hi All, Just putting the feelers out to see if anyone local-ish is up for collaborating on some youtube videos and some photography for channel art/Instagram etc, really want to step up my game and take YT a bit more seriously but its hard out here lol. As said in title, my channel is mostly...
  2. JCamb

    We Hit 800 Subscribers!

    it took like 8 months but it was totally worth it! at 1000 im giving away a ps4 too but thank you to everyone who subscribes to me! LOVE YOU GUYS
  3. JCamb

    Any Ideas for a milestone video?

    I had recently hit 700 subscribers but I don't have any ideas of a video, Any suggestions?
  4. JCamb

    Just Hit 700 Subscribers!

    Hey everyone im kinda new on the forums! I wanted to let everyone know I hit 700 subscribers. I started my channel in august and its been a journey but im pushing through. Thank you guys for checking out the thread.
  5. Richie O'Donnell 527

    Just hit 20 subscribers!!

    Hey guys!!! I am so excited to say my channel has just hit 20 subscribers!! I know its not much but I see the growth happening and its very motivating! :D Anybody have some helpful tips and tricks for how they grew their channel!! Thanks in advanced guys! It's great being part of the community!
  6. ScootWookie

    ADVENTURE TIME| 2017 Yamaha FZ09| Random Adult Video Store?!?!

    My thoughts on the new, 2017 Yamaha FZ 09! Having myself a nice little adventure, other acts of randomness to include an adult video store which popped up along the way....perverts. Click that Like, Comment and SUBSCRIBE to my channel...almost at 100 subs, lets get me there so I can do this...
  7. ScootWookie

    MotoVlog #10- My thoughts on Channel Merchandise.

    Alright, I know I am going to draw some Ire with this video, but it has to be said. Trying to get people to buy Merchandise when you have no following is not only wrong, it is annoying as hell. Seriously, I already feel embarrassed for you. People should be concentrating on making their content...
  8. ScootWookie

    I started smoking again!?

    I wish I had never started smoking all of those years ago, all of that wasted money could have probably gone towards something awesome like a brand new motorcycle, or a time machine....if I had a time machine I'd travel back to when I stole a cigarette from my dad, and punch my 18 year old self...
  9. ScootWookie

    My MotoVlog setup, special guest appearance by my creep-hound!

    Hello fellow YouTubers! I am a small-time MotoVlogger hailing out of Washington D.C. and have eight videos as of yesterday which have currently been published to my channel. I have a both a real love of riding, and being clown. It has been a hilarious, sometimes infuriating journey in learning...
  10. ScootWookie

    Need an honest critique on this video

    Hi everyone, I am a smalltime MotoVlogger out of Washington DC and have been producing content for approximately one week. I am getting pretty positive praise, however I am not quite sure if this praise is indicative of how truly good my content is since I do not have many subs, nor many...
  11. TheDutchTexan

    Wrong WAY!

    Welcome to another MotoVlog! This time I review my 2015 goals and set some new ones for 2016 whilst heading to half price books. I see someone jaywalking and another person goes the wrong way, and show you some nice and expensive homes! Link to JoeGo101's video mentioned: Link to YouTube
  12. TheDutchTexan


    First vlog of 2016! I ride to best buy, come across a dumb driver on the phone, go to old downtown Plano and test my exhaust cam at a higher speed!