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Hey guys!!! I am so excited to say my channel has just hit 20 subscribers!! I know its not much but I see the growth happening and its very motivating! :D Anybody have some helpful tips and tricks for how they grew their channel!! Thanks in advanced guys! It's great being part of the community!
Hi there. Yea, any growth is good especially when we are new. Keep up the good work. I am sure you will gain more subs if you continue to be consistent on your uploads.
Congrats. We asked similar questions too when we first started with our main channels.
We limped our way through 0-100 subs and struggled every sub until 1,000. But things have accelerated for both of us (we hit 10k in a matter of weeks after getting 1k).
Our tricks were SEO, collaboration, and more importantly, a clear vision for the content and our target audience.
Best of luck in your endeavor! PM me if you have any questions about add-ons or other little things. We're not experts but we have learned a lil in our time on youtube :)
Congratulation for the first 20 subscribers !! Keep increasing that number and always have fun.:)