1. MasterDF

    New member of our family!

    Check out my new video! Let me know what you think!
  2. MasterDF

    New member of our family!

    Check out my new video! Let me know what you think!
  3. The Tightwad Homesteader

    Other Looking for other Homesteaders and Farmers

    Hello everyone! I have a new channel devoted to Homesteading from scratch on 5 acres I just bought. The channel will be about Homesteading, farming do it yourself projects (also preparedness on the side) on a budget. Will mostly just feature me, my German Shepherds, my rough coat Collie and...
  4. Scandinavian Freckles


    So I have talked about my dogs more than any other thing in my videos so I thought it was time to introduce them formally to you, although they arent really happy to be on camera !!
  5. M

    Other Educational Collabs

    Ive been doing a lot of All About (dog breeds ) videos but I would love to do more with this. Im looking for youtubers that will let me use there footage of their (dog,horse or cat) for my all about (animal breed videos). YOU WILL GET CREDITED FOR YOUR FOOTAGE If you let me use footage I will...

    Licking Dogs Water Challenge - VLOG #166

    Decided to do a challenge. The challenge is to lick the dogs water all gone. Licking water for the purpose of drinking it is harder than I thought it was gonna be. Will I beat my dog in a race. Watch and see to find out. Hope you enjoy the video. :)
  7. Heather White

    Summer 2017 Vlog|Ep. 1

    First Day Of Summer Vlog. Get To Know Me & Daily Routine. Dogs, sweat, food, & a few thoughts on intermittent fasting. I hope you enjoy! If you love it, don't forget to share and subscribe. I upload fitness tips, workouts, and recipes twice a week on my channel. You can also follow me on...
  8. Rolz

    M&H are back at it!

    Hi guys, check out my latest video with my 2 yorkies, Messi and Hulk - they make me smile and I hope they can make you do the same! Also I make an important announcement regarding the next video! :D
  9. Rolz

    Voiceover or nah?

    Hi guys, I recently posted my first video of my 2 dogs, they are yorkies :) I was just wondering whether I should have music in background (like it currently has) or should I rather talk over the footage?
  10. ScootWookie

    My MotoVlog setup, special guest appearance by my creep-hound!

    Hello fellow YouTubers! I am a small-time MotoVlogger hailing out of Washington D.C. and have eight videos as of yesterday which have currently been published to my channel. I have a both a real love of riding, and being clown. It has been a hilarious, sometimes infuriating journey in learning...
  11. ShawnMcCallum

    My Favourite Video Yet! Drones, Boats, Bikes and German Shepards :)

    What a weekend adventure! I was randomly invited on a sailboat, stumbled across a mountain bike course, followed my ears to a surprise street concert and flying around the Bayfront. Lots of great vibes in this video. What do you guys think? Are you interested in seeing more vlogs like this in...
  12. MVP Border Collie

    Meet Up/Gathering Dog Collaboration

    Anyone who has a dog related YouTube channel and/or makes dog videos and would like to collaborate and share some ideas in the Georgia area, please reach out to me at P.S. You don't have to live in Georgia to share ideas. We can still communicate in other ways to do that.
  13. JayJay Kennedy

    A day in the life of our Lab!

    Hey everyone please check out our new vlog with our beautiful lab Princess chelsea!! don't forget to subscribe for weekly vlogs!!! thank you!
  14. JayJay Kennedy


    Hey everyone just posted our new vlog about our black lab Princess Chelsea!! please take a moment to check it out and don't forget to subscribe for weekly vlogs!! thank you beautiful people!!
  15. J

    Tried something new on my channel...Is it good or bad?

    Hello everyone! I made a new video on my channel that's kinda different than the stuff I've been making. How is it? Is it good? Bad? What can I do to improve? And HOW IN THE WORLD do you get more people to view your channel? Thanks for any feedback!
  16. K

    I want to improve my videography.

    I have one of the best channels on the internet, and I am a filmmaker wishing to grow my audience I have been doing it for a month and so far have been very successful, I have done no advertising up to this point, but I want to expand to a larger audience as I know people will enjoy my content...
  17. Eirinn

    Dogs running in slow motion

    Munch, Kizzy and Thom having fun, running around in slow motion!
  18. Munchito696

    First Video to be on TV: 3 Month Old Puppy Digging Like Crazy

    This was my second ever dog video and it made it onto an Animal Planet show called "The Year in Pup Culture" a couple years ago. Crazy how the simplest things can attract the attention of TV producers. They used this in a Mayan Apocalypse skit. I can't believe they chose a video with such...
  19. Eirinn

    Staffy and jack Russell wresting

    Kizzy and Thom were having fun wrestling! :D
  20. Eirinn

    Dog drinking in slow motion

    Kizzy, my staffordshire bull terrier, drinking water in slow motion!
  21. Sleazoid

    Dog channel here looking for feedbacks!

    Hey there! Well, i'm making some changes to my channel and i'd like to get some advices and feedbacks. What do you think about the channel art? Should i keep it like this or should i use this one: ? Do you think the tags are ok? Too much tags maybe? Well, every feedback/advice is welcome (and...