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Woohoo! I just hit 100,000 views on my channel! I'm so happy! :)

I currently have 531 subscribers, so I think my ratio is pretty good ;) Do you guys have an advice for me as I head towards the next goal? :)
Surely you are going great the way you are going right now so nothing really needs to be changed. All I would say for change would be to not be afraid to introduce other types of content relating to your niche of your channel that you and your viewers would love to watch. You can find this out by tweeting out a poll with suggestions and see what your fans want to see from you that's new. Also just try to persuade new people to subscribe to your channel. Good luck with your channel my man
Congrats on 100k views! I reached that a while ago, I was very surprised. If you want to reach your next goal, make sure you upload more :p