1. antinnyworld

    Milestone: 100,00 Views!!

    Woohoo! I just hit 100,000 views on my channel! I'm so happy! :) I currently have 531 subscribers, so I think my ratio is pretty good ;) Do you guys have an advice for me as I head towards the next goal? :)
  2. ApexTV

    100,000 Subscribers and 48 Million Views!

    Hello once again good people of YTTalk. I've been posting my channel's milestones on here since 700 subscribers. Back then, which was only a little over a year ago, I made the all-time goal to get 100,000 subscribers. I really never thought this was realistic as I was only getting a couple...
  3. STAntics


    We've just hit 100,000 views! Can't really believe it. We're genuinely so happy! Knowing that so many people have watched our videos makes all the work and effort that have gone into the videos is worth it! Although we're quite new here, we thought we'd share with you. And, if you have...
  4. mcbpz

    Just hit the big 100,000!

    100,000 views, that is. I just got 400 subscribers too - great timing! If I didn't get that one video removed I'd have 120,000, but that's life. Only 5 more months of community strike!! yippee!!
  5. KidCom


    It has been around 4 months, and things have been slowing down recently, but I just reach past 100,000 views today with 700 subscribers on my channel. Lots of happiness has come out from this, and I hope I can have more fun in the future. Next goal is 1000 subscribers :)