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I use Photoshop CS6, just so you know. :p
Keep in mind that a banner can take up to 3 days to be made.
So, if you want a free banner you can use this template below
If your template is accepted i will send you a invite on Skype.

Template: [Use this or i will not accept!]

Channel Name:
*Skype Username:
**Channel Topic:
***Main channel color:
Specific requirements:

* = This will be kept private.
** = If you do not have a specific topic leave empty.
*** = This will be the color of the main text/background.
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Channel Name: NerdsWithSwag
*Skype Username: nerdswithswag
*Country: United States
**Channel Topic: Music and Sports
***Main channel color: idk I need some pro help.
Channel Name: Tana Benitez
*Skype Username: heyhelloitstana
*Country: United States
**Channel Topic: Vlogging (kind of gaming)
***Main channel color: IDK
Specific requirements: Maybe a tumblr feel I have a picture that I would like as a background

Hey dude I saw u were making banners, so I was wonderin if u can make me a banner if u accept my offer contact me ate jordan.bia on skype :D
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