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  1. TheWiseMan

    Looking to improve the audience retention on my art videos. Thank you!

    Hello All! I've made a graphic design speed art after a four year break on my channel! I'd really love to hear some constructive criticism on what I might be able to do to make my content more engaging. From thumbnail and title to the actual content of my video, I'd love to hear your...
  2. TheWiseMan

    Services I Made a Free Professional YouTube Banner for You!

    Hi Everyone, I'm a graphics designer and I'm new to the forum! As a little gift, I've made a professional YouTube banner for you all to use! The link to my shop can be found in the description of the video with instructions on how to download the file. On my store use the code "banner4you" to...
  3. C


    Hello everyone I am a graphics designer and I give away graphics for free enjoy. All you have to do is contact me. Comment if you want something :) have a nice day. BY THE WAY THIS IS A TYPE OF MY WORKS
  4. J

    Request Wanting new banner and logo! [Free Please]

    Hey guys my name is Varen and im looking for some one who can make me a banner and logo.All credit will be in shoutouts via video! This is also a very new channel since I have a old one. Hope to work with you! Twitter:@TheRealVivio Instagram:@VarenMoe
  5. DePhil

    Services Free nature intro & GFX Design!

    Dear Community, you are a small youtuber around 50-100 Subs+ or even smaller a need custom nature styled designs? then you are done searching! just head over to my youtube channel an order your designs! Example: youtube / dephil
  6. ShadyRaptor

    Finished/Closed Free Graphics (Banners, Thumbnails. Profile Pictures, etc)

    Hey everyone offering free banners, thumbnails, profile pictures, etc for anyone who wants art for their channel. If you want me to make something for you just leave a reply to this thread and include some basic information on what colours you want me to use and the text that I should put on...
  7. Lazy Nik

    Services Will make you Banner/Avatar (Logo) and Thumbnail for FREE

    So... I finally got my hands on this thread. Yes, I will make this stuff for free, I simply love messing with stuff in PS. What I ask you in return is to credit me if you liked it, but this is completely optional. Just DM me on twitter (@niklazy) and we'll discuss everything you want from your...
  8. KrivixHD

    I Do gaming But Here is Free Banner Template #1

    I decided to make a free banner template if anyone wants it or likes it and wants more click on it ;)
  9. batslyfe

    Services ★ | batslyfe shop | Custom Made Banners & Icons | Free | ★

    Hey there? Do you want a free banner like this? Then put your Skype below! (First come first serve)
  10. Challenge this

    Request NEED new fresh banner free. Will feature your channel on my page

    Hey guys we need help with a new more updated cleaner banner design and profile pic for our youtube. If any of you are willing to help we can feature you on our channel page to help boost your channel.
  11. Sam Wolfie

    Finished/Closed [CLOSED] Banner Designer

    I'm looking for someone who is really good at making banners to make one for my channel. I don't have money but if there is something else I can do for you in return I'll do it
  12. LuminousLive


    im not trying to advertise my channel but its easier if i link you guys this video so you can go download this awesome banner template i made it took 2 hours so i hope you enjoy it :) KEEP IN MIND!!! you are able to change the colors VERY easily by just selecting the color you would like...
  13. Munesh Ramnarine

    Services FREE Premade Channel Art/Banners to use!! :)

    This is "Workdesk", my favorite one, since i'm all about film & photography lol. You can change up just about anything as well, GIMP & Photoshop Tutorials in video and .txt files in .zip My gf Sabrina may be making more, as well as end cards & other stuff! Visit my channel to view her work...
  14. TheZombieHunter23

    Request (free) Need a channel banner for my channel?

    I need someone to make a channel banner for me for free. I will give you a shoutout under your request. The reason why I'm not making the channel banner myself is that I lack skill in using photoshop. If you were to force me to, it would look like a painting that has been poured by water.
  15. Meghan Alex

    Services I'm New to Making Banners But I Try {FREE}

    Hi! My name is Meghan, I've done digital art for awhile and I'm looking to improve, in order to do so, I'm making banners for people! All you have to do in return is credit me in your bio or somewhere else on your channel (or on the banner, if you'd like). I don't have many examples, that's why...

    Services I'm starting making banner for free.

    I want to start making banner for fun. Also it for free. (Warning i'm starting making banner so i'm not good at it) Skype: Noobz Nationz
  17. CinemaLeaves

    Request [FREE] I need a YouTube banner. :D

    [Free] I need a free banner. :) Contact me on skype or Twitter. Twitter - CinemaLeaves5 Skype - CinemaLeaves YouTube - CinemaLeaves
  18. CookieDavid

    Finished/Closed Making free banners!

    I use Photoshop CS6, just so you know. :p Keep in mind that a banner can take up to 3 days to be made. So, if you want a free banner you can use this template below If your template is accepted i will send you a invite on Skype. Template: [Use this or i will not accept!] Channel Name: *Skype...
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