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Hi my name is CosmosPlayz and I am looking for people to be in a gaming group with me. :)
My idea for this gaming group is to help out other group members with recordings (Example: Sidemen)
I do not have a lot of subscribers or videos but I want the 6 of us to grow together. I need 5 people that have these requirements.

- A good microphone

- 14-18 (Age)

- PC and or PS4

- Skype

- Steam (For PC)

Games that I have:


- Rocket League

- Gta 5

- Fifa 16

- NBA 2k16

- Minecraft

- Bo3


- Garry’s Mod

- Ultimate Chicken Horse

- Shellshock Live

More game to come in the future
If you want to ask me anymore questions talk to me on skype. (Skype: CosmosPlayz)