Make your own intro. It's easy. Here's how...


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Nov 9, 2015
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Went thru the same thing myself and see so many here requesting.
If you are wiling to try and learn, you can do anything. So hope this helps.
Btw the process is completely free and so satisfying to see it up.

Get the Template
Search up on YouTube for free After Effects Templates.
Most intros and animation are made with After Effects so if you have some skill in that, it's an advantage.
You will find a whole lot of channels offering free or paid
PushedToInsanity looks pretty good. Topfreetemplates looks good too. (I am not affiliated with them in any way. Or you could go to Envato. Download the template and instruction guide.

Download Adobe After Effects
Next, you will need to download After Effects from Adobe. You get 1 month free trial which is good enough.

Add Music
Finally add music. Some come with music but it would probably be used by everyone. You can't be too sure on the terms too as not all creative commons are free for commercial or monetization.
Try my channel 'OurMusicBox' for free music that you can monetize or YouTube's audio library.
Monetization is key. Not just royalty free only.
You don't want a song that you will be using in your intro that you can't fully monetize (note the word fully).
Most likely there aren't any 6-15 second tracks but hey no worries. Let's chop up one. Again don't worry it's easy... stay with me.

Download Audacity
Download this free tool called Audacity. It's an audio editing software. It's easy to use. Don't worry.
Take any song and chop up parts you want only or copy and paste them to make them longer.
Use fade ins and fade outs or loops etc.
This is an excellent easy skill to acquire if you are serious about YouTube. You could be a ninja with this skill and take your videos to the next level.
Don't spend all your time looking for the perfect 7 second track.
Look for the perfect track then chop it up to 7 seconds.
Add the music to your template.

IF all else fails, Or you are too darn lazy, go to Fiverr...sad :(