intro for my channel

  1. DePhil


    Hey guys, my name is Phil and I'm a YouTuber with 400+ subs. By this post, I'm looking for a person, who can design me a cool and clean intro not a default 3D intro with a black background and a colored font. I want a smooth intro with a white styled background and light colors for the letters...
  2. HoodieMan

    Request CLOSED. Looking for a Custom intro!

    don't look at this! Don't know how to delete a thread sorry
  3. Matt360

    Request (FREE) Make me a intro pls

    I don't know how to make a good intro:( so if you have free time and you're bored you can make me a intro (if you want) here's a lil bit of rules 1. Don't copy 2. Has to have my channel name (or pikachu) (i doesn't really need to be 3d) Good luck and have fun:cat2:
  4. Benny Hardaway 24

    Request 3D, 4D Or GFX Intro NEEDED !!

    In need of one of the intros I listed above!!! Whatever u need from me I'll do for one.
  5. Matt360

    Request I need a pixelated intro

    Hello im OmegaPikachu And i need an intro but it has to be pixelated Reward you ask = A shoutout from my channel and in the description. So go on make me an intro im waiting:sleep:. Ohhhh and it has have a pikachu.
  6. FestusFX

    Can I make 3D Intro's for others?

    Well, I make some really cool 3D intro's "For Free" I just want to help the community, That's why I make them for free :') So who also want a 3D intro ?
  7. FestusFX

    New "Epic" 3D Intro | Cool Sync & Effects

    Hey guys, I Make "Free"' 3D Intro's for Small/Big YouTube Channel :') Check me here : FestusFX <= It's my YouTube Channel
  8. Oliver Grizwald

    Request [Free/YTTalk Money] Looking for someone to make me an intro

    Hi! If you could create an intro for me please Skype me @ OliGriz or email me @ I am unable to pay real money but I can pay a small amount of YTTalk Money. Im also looking for an outro card, if you could do that contact me via Skype or Email.
  9. nia draws

    Request Looking for a cute intro for my channel!

    Hi I'm Nia Draws, and I'm an artist who draws cute cartoons!! I've been having trouble creating an intro since most templates I find blare dubstep music and do that heartbeat thing. I would like to have a really cute and simple 3-6 second intro that features my channel name and logo! As far as...
  10. Seano1

    Should you have an intro or no?

    What's up YTtalk? Should you have an intro or no? I have an outro for my videos but I do not have an intro that specially says its my channel. I usually start the video off with some witty/funny/stupid thing and then say what the video is about. So should I have a name intro at the very...
  11. kluless

    The Purpose of an Intro?

    There are a lot of threads here about intro length and other things, but I was wondering what the purpose of an intro really was, in everyone's opinion. I'm thinking it's just to give viewers something familiar to hold on to and to generate positive feelings, but how is everyone else thinking? I...
  12. JayManOurMusicBox

    Make your own intro. It's easy. Here's how...

    Went thru the same thing myself and see so many here requesting. If you are wiling to try and learn, you can do anything. So hope this helps. Btw the process is completely free and so satisfying to see it up. Get the Template Search up on YouTube for free After Effects Templates. Most intros...