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  1. C


    Hello everyone I am a graphics designer and I give away graphics for free enjoy. All you have to do is contact me. Comment if you want something :) have a nice day. BY THE WAY THIS IS A TYPE OF MY WORKS
  2. L

    Services Offering free Intro / Outro :)

    Hey everyone, as the title already explains, I will be making a free intro or outro for anyone since I do not have any requests right now. Just dm me on Discord (LordSplash#5282) and I will send you the form you can fill in the detail of how you would like your intro and I will start. Thank...
  3. L

    Services Hosting Giveaway | Social Media Custom Animated Buttons

    Hey everyone! I will be making free Social Media Buttons, in whatever style they want it animated, colour scheme etc. Just visit my YouTube Channel, LordSplash, go to my newest video, go to the description, and join the giveaway. Good Luck and thanks! If you need a free Intro, just fill out the...
  4. M

    Services Get Free 3D Intro For A SHOUTOUT!

    Hello there! I'm Nosh and I'll be making a free 3d intro for you if you give me a SHOUTOUT but note that this is for people with 100subs and above! I can consider 50subs and above but 100subs and above is a must! Thanks! And if interested I recommend you contact me on whatsapp with...
  5. DePhil

    Services Free nature intro & GFX Design!

    Dear Community, you are a small youtuber around 50-100 Subs+ or even smaller a need custom nature styled designs? then you are done searching! just head over to my youtube channel an order your designs! Example: youtube / dephil
  6. DePhil


    Hey guys, my name is Phil and I'm a YouTuber with 400+ subs. By this post, I'm looking for a person, who can design me a cool and clean intro not a default 3D intro with a black background and a colored font. I want a smooth intro with a white styled background and light colors for the letters...
  7. angietalksalot

    Creating an Awesome FREE Intro & Outro with FilmoraGo

    Hello YTalkers! I am not sure if anyone has posted about this app before but I was so excited to find it I really wanted to share it with you guys! So I found this app called FilmoraGo where you can make fun and cute intros and outros for your videos. Its free to download and it is available...
  8. SmokeySpace

    Services Closed

    I am not making intros anymore, and idk how to delete threads so...
  9. Benny Hardaway 24

    Request 3D, 4D Or GFX Intro NEEDED !!

    In need of one of the intros I listed above!!! Whatever u need from me I'll do for one.
  10. iMaxRK

    Request I'm in need for an intro

    I'm in need of a free intro. It doesn't have to be anything over the moon good. I've tried the blender intro trick but it didn't work. Maybe someone can tell me what i did wrong there.
  11. M

    Services (Paid) Rendered Intros and Custom Intros

    I'm working with a friend and we are offering to render your intro(if you got it from a channel like Velosofy). Some people don't know how to render or lack the software to do so. This service will be provided for $1.25 and the payment must be sent via PayPal. We also have custom intros...
  12. Inspired

    Making a Youtube Intro with Blender!

  13. FestusFX

    Services "Free" Quality 3D Animation intro's (Nature & Mountains)

    Well, You guys already know that I make Free 3D intro's for 2 weeks. Later I'm also going to make free 2D intro's. But right now, I can make also 3D animation intro's :) At the moment there's 1 example ^^ + The speedart :) So you guys can also see how I made something like that!
  14. BlueBoy Edit

    Services Free professional looking intros!

    I can make an intro for your channel as long as you: 1) Have 20+ subscribers 2) Give me a shoutout on youtube! Here is an example(P.S. I have gotten much better!): I will do up to 15 so reply as fast as you can!
  15. JayManOurMusicBox

    Make your own intro. It's easy. Here's how...

    Went thru the same thing myself and see so many here requesting. If you are wiling to try and learn, you can do anything. So hope this helps. Btw the process is completely free and so satisfying to see it up. Get the Template Search up on YouTube for free After Effects Templates. Most intros...
  16. Grated Cheese

    Request Free Intros or Outros? I will put link for you in description

    Hey YTTalk community, I have been trying to get an intro or an outro for my upcoming videos. As I am new to Youtube, I do not have much expensive software and I cannot find out how to make an intro or outro for my videos without paying loads for a good software for Windows 10. If you make me an...
  17. scHD

    Services FREE INTROS

    Hello everyone im an small youtuber who will attempt to make you a intro NO PAYMENT REQUIRED all i ask is that you shout me out on your channel. im only doing the first few so be quick :) it will take about 1-2 days for me to make it all you need to say is: What you want the intro to say Thanks...