Gaming Looking to create a Funny Moments group (PC 18+)


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Im Fantro (Old name is Fenriro) looking for people who have some experience with recording and a sophisticated sense of editing. I am a UK based player that wants to build a group that can bounce off of each-other to create content that is not only funny, but also of a high standard. I like to heavily edit my content, including subtitling, motion tracking and sound effects. I hope to find people with a shared vision of working hard and having fun at the same time.

In terms of criteria:
You must be 18+
Own a decent microphone
Willing to commit to buying new games in order to record
Already established on youtube (This doesnt mean thousands of subs, but at least 15 videos)
hey feel free to contact me over on Discord. I'm currently having a revamp on my channel so excuse the fact of my channel not being that active for quite some time now and also due to some other stuff but I don't think that needs to be brought up here XD. I'm from the UK and I'm 20 my Discord is HazzMan4E#4130
I would like to join your movement, The name is as its spelt S l I c k-zed easy lol. Any who I am a decent gamer and have well over 15 videos also I have a little fan base not too big but it keeps me making videos. I am 22 soon to be 23 on the 22nd of this month and I am also into the heavy editing.
wassup my guy! I was in a decently successful group in the past so I know the whole shebang around gaming groups and that kinda stuff. I've also posted videos since 2013 and I think it's safe to say my editing has become somewhat better since then lol. So if u think I'm decent enough hmu @ Roz#6299 on discord.
Hey Fantro im interested. im 25 yrs old have 36 subs and I have a good mic :). My Discord is: Atemu#9151