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Hello there! I'm looking for a range of different kinds of talents. I'm mainly looking for people that would be down with doing some type of vocal duet (likely of the indie or pop genre) or someone that would like to collab on a cover and help with instrumental music to vocals.

I hope to hear from you! c:
This is Delugo at your service :)
I am kinda musical I guess. I play a decent amount of songs on the keyboard and can always learn new things!
I could also try to sing but only few songs are there which I can sing good, like I pretty much suck at singing.
If you're interested then send me a message on here :)
hey maddie, im a guy whos been kind of insecure about singing and I really wanted to try and do a collab with someone else to try and boost my confidence. I'm down to do any song but one that I really like rn is senorita by camilla and shawn mendes as a suggestion
I am looking for anyone who sings or can submit vocals for my tuition videos



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I am looking for anyone who sings or can submit vocals for my tuition videos

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