Gaming Looking For People To Make Gaming Videos With on PC (Funny Moments Mostly)


Hi, I'm looking for people to make gaming videos with on PC, channel is Raptorade, which is custom so

Basically I make funny moments -videos, sometimes serious gameplay like best snipes, kills etc. but I want to evolve my channel by collaborating with similar channels. I recently got a top level microphone, which is the reason why I'm looking forward to evolving my content with other gamers.

Games that I'm playing are Overwatch, GTA 5, Fortnite, Gmod, Dead By Daylight, Black Ops 4 is in consideration but I'm open for many kinds of games.

Hit me up on here or on Discord Raptorade#8419 or Twitter @Raptorade96
I'd be willing to make some videos and I've got a ton of games, though my channel is pretty insignificant. If that's a dealbreaker it's no problem. I sent a request on discord if you decide you'll give it a shot - Spooks#1267.