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DTay Chaos

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Looking for some youtubers willing to form a group on psn for games like:

Call of Duty WW2
Marvel vs Capcom Infinite
Infinite Warfare
Friday The 13th

Must be 17+
Must have a sense of humor (lets not be bland or too obnoxious)
Have a decent mic
Lets not be a squeaker or have the personality of a 12 year old lol=
Willing to record and be yourself
Have fun lets make the best of this and help eachother out
Record whenever we can (im about to start back school so my schedule will be a little iffy)
Doesnt matter what sub count you have we are here to help eachother grow
Most of all, Be yourself

Add me on Psn if interested: DTayTheGod
I'm not good at any of those games but I think I meet all the requirements. Add me on discord Jolttix#2264 if my channel is what you're looking for.
Hey I'm interested, I'm just getting back into youtube part time. I have WW2 but getting any other games shouldn't be a problem. I can even do voices if you like. So if you're interested, contact me either on psn at Megzero346 or twitter @Megzero346. I added you on PSN so it shouldn't be hard to find.