Gaming Looking for Competitive Black Ops 3 (PS4/XB1 ) / Gears of War (XB1) Collab

Hello guys , Im pretty new to the Youtube scene and need some help getting out there , I would like to do Competitive Black Ops 3 ( Gamebattles/UMGOnline ) videos or even Gears of War Pubstomping or Competitive videos as well , Thats what Im aiming for on my channel . I Record my games with my HD60 and record voice with Blue Yeti . For any questions or if you need to contact me HMU on Twitter. Twitter handle is @KnownToClutch
Hey man, I play bo3 on xbox one and am interested in making a collab with you. Check out my channel, I have only made one cod video so far because I just switched to gaming, but if your interested, message me on here or on twitter @samgiesting1