1. KnownToClutch

    Gaming Looking for Competitive Black Ops 3 (PS4/XB1 ) / Gears of War (XB1) Collab

    Hello guys , Im pretty new to the Youtube scene and need some help getting out there , I would like to do Competitive Black Ops 3 ( Gamebattles/UMGOnline ) videos or even Gears of War Pubstomping or Competitive videos as well , Thats what Im aiming for on my channel . I Record my games with my...
  2. Nutella

    Black ops 3 Competitive Montage Trailer

  3. Nutella

    Competitive Call of Duty Channel! HELP!

    Hey whats up guys, my name is Nutella and i would love some feedback on my channel. Lately i cant really think of what to upload, so i would like some ideas. I also want to know everyone's opinions on my videos, thumbnails, and channel art to see what i can improve on, thanks. :)
  4. Nutella

    Competitive Call of Duty!

    What's up guys my name is Nutella and i play Competitive Call of Duty (Mainly SND). I uplaod clutch clips,Montages, Funny moments, and more! Check my Channel out to see what im all about!
  5. Taddy

    Gaming Looking for UMG/GB Partner for CoD (Xbox One)

    I'm a fairly new youtuber but I've been playing Call of Duty since the original Modern Warfare release if anyone is interested then I am looking to start a competitive series with either doubles or clan matches. If you're interested just PM me on here or add me on Xbox live - ATaddBehind I'm...