black op 3

  1. S

    Gaming I'm looking for a group of YouTubers to play with

    I have 112 subs and I'm looking for a group of YouTubers to play with on PS4 the games that I currently have are GTA 5, Uncharted 4, Call of Duty Black ops 3, Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered, Killing Floor 2 Black light retribution, battlefield 1, and destiny. I'm looking to find a group...
  2. R

    Gaming PS4 Collabs only 60+

    Hello users of YT Talk. I am looking for people to collab with on ps4. You have to be fun and overall just a chill person. These are the games I have Black Ops 3 Gta V Need for Speed Rocket League Minecraft BattleField 4 NBA 2k16 I do plan on getting more games in the future. Please hit me...
  3. KnownToClutch

    Gaming Looking for Competitive Black Ops 3 (PS4/XB1 ) / Gears of War (XB1) Collab

    Hello guys , Im pretty new to the Youtube scene and need some help getting out there , I would like to do Competitive Black Ops 3 ( Gamebattles/UMGOnline ) videos or even Gears of War Pubstomping or Competitive videos as well , Thats what Im aiming for on my channel . I Record my games with my...
  4. ItzzEvade

    Gaming Ps4 Gaming collab! 23 subscribers, Funny moments!

    Im looking for people to do collars with, Only black ops 3! i don't want to do it daily maybe just once in awhile just to help each other out, I know i am small but i just started a week ago and i feel i put up high quality content! I am 15 and I'm a pretty good at cod! I have a team already but...
  5. ExtoicGamer

    Gaming Ps4 or Xbox 360 Zombie youtuber/ maybe other games too

    Hey its IKillZombie and i am looking for other zombie youtubers to play with and Grow together and have fun but if theres other games i might play My psn: Crenshawbrand205 You need 20 Subs+ Make Good Videos ( no videos with your phone) Desent mic and Funny and no affened easily
  6. MenAce

    Another One! Check This Out

    Check This Gameplay Commentary Out!!
  7. Callum Macdonald

    Unleash The Beast! (Black Ops 3 Zombies)

    Whats up guys! Im starting up my youtube channel and Ive just uploaded my first video! Going to be doing a range of games from BO3 to fallout, Rainbow Six Siege to alien isolation. Check out the video below and leave a comment, like and a sub if you enjoyed! P.S: If you are a ps4 player and...
  8. vspecialistv

    "What do YOU want to see?" Black Ops 3 Vesper Multiplayer Gameplay - PS4

    Hi guys, vSPECIALISTv here with another Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Gameplay. In today's video, I used the most OP weapon in BO3, the Vesper. I got 35 kills with a 7 K/D. The point of the video is for you guys, my lovely subscribers :). I want to know what you guys are interested in seeing; live...
  9. DZaw

    Black Ops 3 Short Edit (Tempest)

    My second short edit but first using the tempest, Hope you enjoy