Request Looking for channel art and logo, for free

y ddraig gaming

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Hey all

I have been lurking on here getting tips and reading guides on how to run a YouTube channel. After a lot of thinking I started it last month and uploaded a few videos to it. Currently I have not advertised it anywhere and done little with keywords, I have been concentrating getting some content I am proud of.

My channel is gaming, specifically games which allow you to create machinma/cinematic type videos. That is to say I can use in built replay system to grab video I want and then edit it all together, create a film like story without the graphical HUD.

My first game was Total War : Warhammer and I have just completing the series (mainly due to the game is corrupted and I can`t continue it, I am not impressed). So I am doing bit of a tidy up of my channel and want some nice channel art and a logo so I can use it as on thumbnails of video and as a watermark. Then I can start posting on forums/Reddit (if i feel brave)/twitter the usually and see what happens.

Ideas -

I want some sort of dragon, Y Ddraig gaming means "the dragon gaming" in English, I just thought it sounded better in Welsh. I did think about for a logo, a simple dragon profile with the letters Y D G in the teeth no idea if thats a good idea or not.
Other than that I can provide some screen grabs from my video and you can put them into some sort of banner but I am easy, interested to see what you can come up.
On the banner I would like it to say weekly content on Sunday, machinma content and cinematic content or something similar or leave a space so I can add my own description in.

Message me here or contact me at

Appreciate any help you can provide, my attempts have been pretty weak, think I will stick to video editing!