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Guys I have a decent channel and I want to start posting some quality videos on black ops 3 , i want to make them unique rather than making the same over saturated content out there so i'm looking to make challenge videos or any other entertaining video. I think a good way to upload my content is with a new player(or crew).

Here are the requirements:
  • Must be over 60 subs
  • Or you can have 100 views daily
  • Skype name
  • must have season pass for black ops 3 PC
  • Must be able to record game play with least amount of lag and decent(ish) mike
Guys I really want to get into trolling so i would be grateful for people to start sending me requests for me to troll.

Requirements and gains
  • the person I troll must have either Minecraft (PC) or COD BO 3 (PC)
  • You must tell me the Skype name
  • If you do a request and i make the video on it, i will shout out your channel!
Thank you and i hope you will be happy when i'm done trolling your victim!
if you are not planning on making a bo3 channel, but only v few videos then i'm gonna help you, we can record funny moments and even zombies
great i would love to do that, i don't think having a whole channel dedicated to one game fits my style thats the reason :D
Anyway glad to start soon just send me your skype and gamer tag for steam
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