black ops 3 collaboration

  1. MoTuberGaming

    Gaming PS4 Black Ops 3 CollabS / No Sub Requirement

    Hey My name is MO and i have YouTube channel called Mo Tuber and i am 19 year looking for people who love to play black ops 3, i am level 1000 Prestige master and i love trolling so if you want to collaborate shoot me a Email Only : Thanks Here Is my YouTube Channel: MoTuber
  2. MHawk123

    Gaming LOOKING FOR PS4 COLAB!!! HMU!!!

    Hi, I am MHawk123, I'm looking for someone to colab on either GTAV, BO3, Minecraft, or 7 Days To die. Requirements: -13+ -Decent Mic -(sub count doesn't matter to me) IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, HMU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. MikesKingdom

    Gaming Calling ALL PS4 Youtubers!

    Sup my dudes and dudetts! Lets get down to brass tax here... What we all want -> Increase growth and of course have fun! (Don't sweat the small stuff!) Who I am -> Mike (obviously) but jsyk in case you care, which I dont, I used to have a 600+subs on other channel (not sure if I can show it...
  4. A

    Gaming Xbox One Black Ops 3 Collab??? 15 and under prefferably someone NICE

    My Youtube is Ace21Playz Im only at 19 subscribers and would like to grow and help someone else through collabing. My Skype is cam21goula. Someone under 15 plz who is very nice.
  5. VoidTranceYT

    Gaming An Opportunity...

    If you guys have a small, active channel focused around making Console related content I am interested in collaborating with you! I myself do make Black Ops 3 Videos and I try my best to bring together a small active audience and I hope I can bring one of you guys along too, if you have a small...
  6. NoobButPro Gaming

    Gaming Looking for Black ops 3 PC collaboration (zombies or muliplayer)

    Guys I have a decent channel and I want to start posting some quality videos on black ops 3 , i want to make them unique rather than making the same over saturated content out there so i'm looking to make challenge videos or any other entertaining video. I think a good way to upload my content...
  7. VoidTranceYT

    Gaming Looking for Gaming Collaborations!

    Hey Guys I am looking for some people to collaborate with. I aim to do collaboration on Black Ops 3 on PS4. I can record facecam, gameplay everything at 1080p 60fps so if you are looking for someone to collab with be sure to HMU on twitter @VoidTranceHD or via a Forum post or on my YT Channel...