Gaming Looking for a long term Collab.

Well, like the title states I'm looking for some like minded individuals to create some fun content with.

My name is Christian and I run LoadGame Productions. I have been uploading on YouTube for about 2 years. I used to upload on SaveGame Productions but that was a group channel and the rest of the people in the group back away from YouTube so I created what was going to be the name of my channel in the first place, LoadGame Productions.

(I would like for this to be more of a group thing then just a few times kinda thing)
I am looking for some people that will be able to record quite often, I am on daily and I'm I am uploading at least 4 times a week. I would like to find people that are in the United States, this way we don't have bad time zone issues. I play a variety of games, (names of witch I will put in a little further down). I create comedy content, I am looking for people that do the same. I would like you watch at least one of my videos or put you channel link in your reply so that you and I know what each others content is like. This way we can make a clearer choice on collabing with each other, Also I would like you be at least around my age, 18.

Games I record often:
The hidden (free)
Rainbow Six Siege
Arma 3
Gang Beasts (soon, they are having problems)
Battlefield 4

I also have many more games that I own but have no content on yet. I really advise watching a video on my channel before you respond, and plz leave me a link to your channel so I can see what kind of content you make. Thanks for reading that and I hope to talk you soon, My Steam is FACEINGCHAOS. You can reply to me here or on Steam.

My Channel - LoadGame Productions
it would be cool to do some vids with you. I have Gmod and my battlefield 4 is downloading. But I'm Only 14 if thats okay?

My Skype is - officialpcinvader
hey I'm down to make videos with you and I'm 17. 18 in November
skype alec.taylor18
hit me up if you down to record
Im 16 if thats okay, but my channel is Kuloan gaming (you can see the link) I checked out your videos and they are really good

skype is - kushpatelhv
(skype name makes more sense if i explain it to you)