Gaming Looking for a Gaming Group!


So I am interested in starting up a gaming group on YouTube, where we can have fun while growing our channels. I currently have 200+ subs and am just looking for people who are funny and entertaining.

- Be 14+ (I'm 15)
- Have a decent mic
- Be enthusiastic/funny

GAMES (Open to suggestions)
- Dead by Daylight
- Golf With Your Friends
- Shellshock Live
(Looking to buy Gang Beasts)

So leave a response back if you would like to join :)
Hit me up, wouldnt mind joining in xD my channel is CyanCat, got no vids up yet, wanna wait till I have people to collab with :p my old channel is CellDoesGames, check that out to see my style ( well, old style, evolved a bit since then xD )
I'm down to join if you're cool with it, also if you are cool with it quick thing you need to know in my recordings my mic sounds fine but in ts and discord *don't know about skype yet* my friends say my mic sounds like s**t soooo yeah. Before we record we can join one of those chat program thingys *I'm tired don't judge meh* if you want to, to see if my mic isn't annoying cause if it is welp I am not going to record dont want to ruin your recording bro lol. But check out my channel before you make a decision so that you know if I'm right for your channel.