Voice Acting Looking For a Commercial Guy for a Comedy Short.


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The Project
I'm making a small short (~1min) and I need one male voice actor to voice about 6-7 lines. (About 1-2 paragraphs). There is no pay, however it might look good on a demo reel :) This project should take no more than 3-4 days for the voice actor. I'm expecting it to be only a day of recording though.

What to sound like:
Crazy infomercial guys like Billy Maze or Phil Swift

Tryout Lines:
HEY! JOHN BRAVE HERE! Bringing you Tonet co’s latest product! Supper sand!

Got any tough pieces of wood? The ones that just won't sand?

Mail : (airgamezoffice@gmail.com)
with your submission in .wav or .mp3 in one file. (Preferably not compressed unless necessary.)


Good Luck