1. AIR-TV

    Voice Acting Looking For a Commercial Guy for a Comedy Short.

    The Project I'm making a small short (~1min) and I need one male voice actor to voice about 6-7 lines. (About 1-2 paragraphs). There is no pay, however it might look good on a demo reel :) This project should take no more than 3-4 days for the voice actor. I'm expecting it to be only a day of...
  2. Juliana Sabo

    Vlog Collab Channel looking for THREE new members!

    Hello! I'm part of a collab channel called 20Something, and we're looking to add three new members to the crew! A bit about the channel: as the channel name suggests, we're a group of vloggers in their mid-20s. We post Monday-Friday, with a different vlogger posting each day (the days we're...
  3. Jonatan Moser

    Give my entry to the Peter Hollens 'December Song' cover contest a look!

    Hi there! This is my entry for the cover competition that Peter Hollens made for his new original christmas song 'December Song'. Give it a look and let me know what you think! :-)
  4. Jaime Salai

    Other Creating a Collab Channel

    Hello! I'm 18 and am starting a youtube collar channel. I really enjoy the idea of a collab channel, and I was wanting to know if anyone was interested. Info: We'd have 7 people and would each post one day a week We can create themes for each week or just post random topics. We'll start a group...
  5. GuysBeingDudes

    Mars Audition Tape

    We made an audition tape to try and snag a spot on the Mars One Mission Haven't heard anything back from NASA yet though.....