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The Humble JuanB

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hey, im new to this and look forward with working with someone new, whether its molding an idea together or shooting a video and work via online with one another i am open to collaboration!
id like to do a suspenseful/horror short film or if youre interested i have a show i want to start that has an original twist to it. if you are let me know and ill update you on it in great detail, the title of said show is Prequel, Sequel or Reboot and each week we do a different favorite film and explain what we would do if we got the keys to the franchise.
Hey friends. I wonder if there's some kind of script we could come up with that could write in parts for a handful of creators a story that ties the characters together and we could film each part individually and one person could piece the clips together? I'm not much of a writer but have been thinking about trying more scripted , either comedy, mystery or scary/horror film project(s). Has anyone done a collab like that before? Trello is cool for organizing ideas in panels with checklists and stuff.. anyway, sometimes I have free time, could be fun if anyone else has any good ideas or if there's a good writer out there into putting something like that together.

- Jenni
The OP of this thread hasn't been back to the forums in a long time, so I've locked this to prevent confusion about active collaboration threads. :)
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