Gaming Lets have a fun and have funny time


I've Got It
Game: Destiny, Battlefield 1, Gta 5, and more
Platform: PS4
Number of People: 2
Age: 18+
Mission: Let have a funny and awesome channel
Subscribers: any
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Hey guys my channel is Majestic Box I want to make my channel fun and entertaining for viewers.
I need funny and chill players who have a ps4.
Doesn't matter if you have a channel or not
Subscribers don't matter.
Have destiny, Gta5, battlefield and more.
I feel we will do great on many videos and have many funny moments and have a fun time.
Also if you want to contact me quicker add me on PSN ArmorStriker.
I hope to play with you soon
Hey man, i launched my channel few days and i need help to grow i know its hard to grow these days but if you can help me drop a sub on my channel and i will do same to yours i have ps4 to and my channel name is Wreckfull thanks!