It's Not Just Funny Moments...


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Hello everyone,

Let me first start off by saying thank you for checking this thread out and taking the time to read this. My names Tarin and I'm 20 years old. I first started making YouTube videos about 2 years ago, going through multiple channels, and have finally stuck it out on this one. I am currently in a group with three other friends that also record and we're having a blast.
Now for the fun part.
I want to be able to create a community of like minded people who can come home from a rough day, relax and have fun on my channel. As of right now my videos are reminiscent of popular YouTubers like KYR Speedy, Vanoss, Seananners, etc. however I'd like to think that my editing style differentiates myself from them. At the end of the day I would like to be able to interact with a community that enjoys my videos as much as I enjoy making them. Its not just funny moments I want on my channel but a constant interaction between you and me that spans across all games. Please feel free to check out my channel and give your thoughts on what I could do better or what tips you might have on growing as a YouTuber. I appreciate any and all support and thank you again for reading!