Is this vlog any good?


Liking YTtalk
I'm fairly new to this whole vlogging thing, and I've rarely done it. I think I only have two on my channel including this one and I wanna know what I did right and what I did wrong. The only problem that stuck out like a sore thumb to me was I made the music too loud at some points, but I know there's more problems to it.

Your talking to the camera feels natural
Putting words on the screen is good

Overall the video is great
Maybe shorter?
Well, It started out okay but you never point the camera at your face. You never explain what is going on so I lost interest. I was stoked when I saw the penitentiary the music came up and when it stopped nothing happen. It was just you pointing the camera at objects. It would have been cool if you were talking to the camera and said this is a typical cell or hey look at the broken toilet or something. You point the camera to the ground way to much. Text is good but make it smaller and put it in the corner somewhere unless it is a intro then it can be large and over the screen.